Adria d.o.o. Višegrad does its manufacturing business in Višegrad.

Since 2011, our manufacture follows international standards for product quality control, HACCP and ISO 9001:2008.

Our manufacturing sector comprises of the following sections:

Section for manufacturing bread and pastries

Thanks to the hardworking hands of our bakery masters, traditional technology and the selection of the best ingredients, our customers enjoy the finest bread and pastries.

Section for manufacturing frozen salty and sweet products

We offer our customers frozen products, which perfectly match the needs of the hurried pace of life by giving us a fresh, delicious and quickly made meal.

We proudly present you the frozen tulumba, uniquely golden and crispy.

This is the product which was given the loudest praise and which aroused the most interest of our customers.

Section for manufacturing wafer papers for cakes and pastries and crusts for rozen cake

In addition to undyed wafer papers, we manufacture wafer papers dyed with food dyes, wafers for baton bars as well as wafers for wafer balls.

We offer our customers crusts for both salty rozen cake and sweet rozen cake.

Our rozen cake crusts were rewarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Srpska as the best domestic product in the “Ours is Better” project, which promotes high quality domestic products and raises consciousness about the quality of domestic products and the importance of buying them.

Section for manufacturing natural fruit brandies “Zdravica”

Natural fruit brandies “Zdravica” are manufactured by fine distillation of fermented fruit husks in copper caldrons. They are distinguished by their pleasant fruit taste.

We offer plum, quince, apricot and grape (loza) natural fruit brandies in packages of 0,7 litres, 1 litre, 0,5 litres and 0,1 litres.

In recognition of the quality of our brandies, we were awarded the first place and the golden medal for the quince brandy and the silver medal for the plum brandy at the international festival of fruit brandies “Žestival” in Užice.

Section for manufacturing pastries

We offer domestic pastries, dairy and egg-free and regular ones. Pastries are handmade with great dedication and love following a unique recipe.

Of all our pastries we would single out our baklava, traditionally made from the best ingredients.

Section for manufacturing crusts for pies and baklava

The delicious mouthful of homemade pie is traditionally included in family meals. For quick and easy preparation of different types of pies, we offer pie crusts made of wheat and buckwheat flour.

Section for manufacturing Turkish delight and jelly candies

We manufacture various tastes of Turkish delight: vanilla, rose, walnut and orange.

Section for manufacturing powdery products

We offer whipping cream, double cream and puddings.

Section for manufacturing pasta

Various types of pasta, with and without eggs, are part of our offer.

Section for roasting coffee

Consumers have an opportunity to select between our roasted ground coffee “S” and roasted ground coffee “Galeb”, which come in packages of 100 grams, 200 grams and 500 grams.

Section for processing sugar

We produce icing sugar. Sugar cubes come in packages of 250 grams, 500 grams and 700 grams, and our traditional Bosnian sugar cubes are available in packages of 700 grams and 900 grams.

We pack ground sugar in packages of 1 kilogram and 5 kilograms.

Farm with laying hens

Our farm with laying hens “Dobrun” delivers to our manufacture and retail about 20000 fresh consumer eggs on a daily basis.

We offer our products labelled with their brand names to retail chain stores.

We offer our products labelled with their brand names to retail chain stores.